Recital photos are in!  We will be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:15-8:00 p.m. throughout the Summer for them to be picked up. Shirts are coming in soon as well as DVD's.  We will send notifications as soon as they arrive. 

Registration for fall classes will start Monday, July 27th.  We are ready to start fresh this year with a new look and new attitude.  There will be some changes for this next season.  One change  that you will notice is that our instructor Christian is not listed on our schedule.  She is still part of our staff and will be involved with the studio thru choreography, subbing and workshops.  It was a difficult decision for her not to be regularly scheduled, but she has decided to go back to school full time and will be moving further North to have a shorter commute to her school and other commitments.   She is still teaching for summer classes so if you'd like to stop in and say hello feel free to do so. 

New Costume Policy for 2015-2016                                   
We had some issues with costumes last season so it is time to update the costume policy for this season.  This is included in the registration information, but we feel it is important to make it known in multiple ways for this upcoming year.  So if you see it a lot, it's just to keep you in the know.  Feel free to ask any questions. 

Costume Policy: Every year the dance studio has a recital in June. Costumes are purchased for every dancer in each class. Costume prices usually range from $50.00 -$70.00 plus tax for each costume. 

  • We will be measuring students in class the first week of November.
  • Each student will be charged a costume deposit of $50.00, due by October 30th for each costume that will be ordered. Costume balances will be due by December 18th.
  • Pictures of the costumes will be shown to parents in December. 
  • We will give parents the option to change the size of costume we order for the students. It is the parent's responsibility to check all final costume sizes before December 18th. Changes made to costume orders after December 18th may be entitled to a company fee. 
  • Costumes must be paid in full before they will be ordered. All Costumes paid in full, on time will be ordered no later than December 31st.
  • Any costume balances not paid by December 18th will be charged an additional $10 per costume to cover processing and shipping fees and they may not arrive in time for class and individual photos (photographed in the spring).
  • Costumes are non-returnable once they are ordered. Any costumes not claimed by our recital may become the property of Dancemakers Northwest and your costume payment will not be returned.
  • If you register in January and miss the deadline for costume payments will you be charged an additional $10. Once the initial order is placed, it takes time and shipping as well as order processing fees are increased to do smaller orders.  So register early. 

New class coming in fall - CIZE LIVE!                             

We have a great new class coming to Dancemakers in the Fall.   Cize Live is a Hip Hop based dance fitness class that is a great workout and tons of fun.  Our instructor Courtney will be instructing and you don't have to have prior dance experience, just be ready to sweat! Cize Live will be on Tuesday from 8-9 p.m. and Thursday morning 9:30-10:30 a.m.  CHECK IT OUT! 

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